Package + Price Your Offers Like a Pro


This free printableĀ worksheet is for badasses like you wanting to perfect a potent and profitable offer stack of services. If you find yourself struggling to make [consistent] sales, to command the rates you deserve, or simply wondering where to even start - I gotchu.

Download this worksheet to fill out while you listen to Episode 21 of the Grab Life by the Goals Podcast.

ThisĀ worksheet houses the questions I ask my own clients so you can get your packages right, tight, and set up to sellĀ your services with swagger. Let's do this, badass!

With this free downloadable worksheet, you'll discover:

Who your services are for and clearly identify your soulmate client


How to differentiate your services + show why people should buy from you.

What exactly are you selling including deliverables, time frame, and more!


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