You know you're meant for MORE in life...but what exactly does that mean for YOU?

You're a successful, six-figure earner who has a great why does it feel like something is just missingMaybe you've invested 10-20 years into a successful career that once turned you on, but it is now sucking your soul (or at a minimum is just "meh"). 

Maybe you dream of travel, building wealth, speaking on stage, your own brand, time freedom...or you just want to be happier.

You KNOW you're capable of so much more...but where do you even begin? 

Let me know if this sounds familiar 👇👇👇

  • You binge all the personal development books and podcasts searching for answers.
  • You dream of ALL THE THINGS (business ventures, writing a book, a podcast, real estate) but it all feels risky and overwhelming.
  • Your friends and family say things like "you're doing so great...what's the problem?"
  • You have a dream (say, interior design or life coaching)...but you fear the market is already saturated.
  • You're a brilliant, high performer...and frankly pissed at yourself that you can't figure this out. 


You're a smart, successful, six-figure why is it SO HARD to figure out what you want to be when you grow up?

Because it's downright impossible to answer that question alone. You need a framework to guide you through your Life Vision. 


Welcome to the Life Vision Lab!

The Life Vision Lab is the foundation of my signature Grab Life by the Goals® Method...and one that I've taught to my coaching mastermind, on stage at my conferences, and in my signature course for years. The magic of writing your Life Vision (aka "Manifesto") is proven and it WORKS. 

Here's what you'll get instant access to TODAY: 

✔️ Module 1 - The Magic of a Life Vision: Why writing a Life Vision wildly accelerates manifestations (with real-life examples)!

✔️ Module 2: Life Purpose: Uncover the experiences, growth and contribution you desire.

✔️ Module 3: Lifestyle Design: Your day-to-day life is the ultimate expression of your vision and goals. 

✔️ Module 4: Your Highest Self: Identify the character traits you already posses to make your vision a reality. 

✔️ Module 5: Make your Manifesto: It all comes together in a one-page Life Vision (aka Manifesto) that will open the portal to your next chapter. 

✔️ Bonus Module: My Real-Life Manifesto: You'll see a real-life example of the Manifesto I wrote in 2020...and how it's all (almost eerily) come true! 

With your Personal Manifesto in hand, you can begin to take real, tangible action toward the life you truly desire

Since completing the Life Vision Lab, I have become activated like never before. I created a course, networked my way into a new job, upped my travel, and aligned my skillset with my husband’s, which led to the launch of the SuperC Vitality YouTube channel.  Once your dreams are on paper...the sky is the limit!

- Dre Ross 

How do I know the Life Vision lab works? It worked on me.


In 2020, I sat down and wrote out my Life Vision (in the exact way you'll learn in this mini-course). I wrote visions of a company + brand called "Grab Life by the Goals". I envisioned my own large-scale conferences, coaching, courses and community. I dreamed of a bougie pool in my backyard...which was waaayyyyy out of our budget at the time. 

I wrote visions of luxury travel, a sexy marriage, and involving my daughters in our family business. I wanted to publish books, host a podcast, and run a lucrative business that I love. Most of all, I wanted to contribute and give back to humanity. 

Just a few short years later...I looked up and it was ALL COMING TRUE. The business, my own conferences, luxury travel, thriving family life, financial abundance, a self-published book, courses, a thriving coaching community....and even the pool oasis in my backyard is here. 

That very same Life Vision is still taped to my wall today, and is my north star for creating the life I desire.

I want this for you too. But the first step is getting clear on what you really (like, REALLY) want, and the Life Vision Lab will guide you through it. 

Grab the FREE mini course now!